Sunday, 18 March 2012


So, i added a focal point and loads of other stuff. still not entirely finished but for now it'll do. Called it Salvage seemed fitting as that's what they are doing.

Inside a deep chasm a ship crashes leaving behind only wreckage. Months later the ship is finally found, the salvage operation of the precious ship begins, watched far above by the transports assigned to bring her home.  

Friday, 16 March 2012

Saturday Night doodle 3

That is as much as I'm going to do on it tonight. Will start adding more detail, a focal point and story over the weekend and some vegetation. I want to change the top of the image and make it a little more interesting.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Saturday Night doodle 2

More doodling this evening added more rock detail, the floor and two little people for some scale.

Saturday Night doodle

I should be out partying but The Starcraft 2 OST and Famous Grouse brought me here.  May continue with this one at some stage.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Taming

The second is called The Taming. This idea is of a dragon being tamed by a mage with a vast fortress in the background.  Still very much wip this one and want to change it quite a bit probably knock back the mountains in the background, and add in another light source and switch about the colours.

also contemplating putting chains around the dragon which are attached to the fortress walls, hill side and platform.

The Departure

Currently i have two pictures on the go, this is the first and have called it The Departure. Had and idea for hanger with a ship beyond with it raining outside.  I liked the idea of adding blue lights from underneath the hull of this beast as well and loads of little repair bots welding the outside of it with exposed panels.

However Marc Cox had a nice idea to maybe have it suspended way up in the atmosphere. i liked this as well least then i can add in an amazing landscape with other docks and ships.

KDA Image Credits

I have now added image credits to some of the Kinect Disneyland Adventures Images on my portfolio website With most big games their are a great deal of people working on them and alot of the time you end up taking over other people tasks or them taking over yours to meet deadlines, fix problems or just to get the job done.

KDA was no exception to this and at every stage of the game we had to see who was available and which areas needed to be focused on.

It therefore seems only fare to add credits to some of my images and i'm more than happy to do this, if you have worked on any of the images on my website and wish your name to be added. please feel free to get in touch.


Yes I now have a BLOG. its about time really. Here i can upload loads of drawing works in progress experiments, ideas inspiration, bits about Life! anything really. keeps me motivated aswell to create new things.

i finally decided in the end to go with Blogger as my Blog. Tumblr seemed nice but it was rather heavy and seemed to have loads of stuff i didn't need, none of the themes took my fancy either, same with Word press.  

so thanks for looking. i'm still a BLOG noob so in time i should get more into this thing.