Sunday, 14 September 2014


After what seems like an eternity since my last blog for which I can only apologise, here is my latest. Over the past few months I have been rather busy. I haven't stopped working on my Cambodia project but I wisely went on holiday and took time out from my Cambodia scene and worked on my station piece for a while. Its now full steam ahead on this project, as much as full steam can be with a full time job working on Elite Dangerous and doing other things in between.

Anyway  I'm really enjoying getting back to this project. i have loads of other stuff i could show but for now here are a few ruined wall sections i did this weekend. i also made a quick screen shot of the layout, all the green objects have all been sculpted in Zbrush and shows that I now have quite a bit ready to Retop and get in to UE4.

I have decided to go with Unreal Engine 4 after all the Crytek troubles which unfortunately are all too common in the industry these days . the Engine quality is getting better all the time which is great to see too and i'd feel safer using it.

So i'm really looking forward to starting to get stuff in game soon. and seeing this finally come to life :)    

Monday, 21 April 2014

Revisiting an old friend

Along time ago in 2006 in fact I made this Station which everyone liked. so now being 2014 I decided to remake it  ( the original can be seen on my web site I have re sculpting much of it creating lots of things I never had the time or hardware capable of doing in the past.

but still there are always improvements as that I can and will add from here on in.

i have no idea why blogger has made the top image so neon white