Monday, 12 November 2012

Christmas Card (Update Four)

OK here it is update number four, quite a bit has gone in over the weekend, still would like to add in loads more but sadly time is running out and i need to render out a monster image big enough for 300 DPI. there are still a few tweaks i want to make / try before that. one is rendering out the snow at the bottom of the image with a mesh smooth on it. i originally intended to sculpt all the snow in Zbrush but I haven't had time. i think its acceptable as it is, not amazing, but time is a factor here.

The other thing which might not take that long is to add a few bits of snow on the door crevasse  this i think might add a bit and integrate the door and the scene more.

The falling snow needs work, but i quite like it, may add some turbulence although it presently does have a peaceful quality to it.

The next stage is to find some people to paint over. i'd really love to sculpt some but that would take far to much time. so i am on the hunt for some wintery silhouettes. the other option is that i dont add in two figures at all and just finish it up, this may happen.

Your welcome to post a comment, i'd love to hear people thoughts   

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