Monday, 5 November 2012

Christmas Card (update two)

I have been working most of the weekend on the card which has mainly consisted of Ambient Occlusion bakes on most of the large models this took a fair amount of time as I rendered them at a large resolution with a high degree of sampling. once that was finished then i started on the texturing. I still have a lot to do, eventually it will look much more wintery with snow on parts of the door and step etc. the areas next to the path will be snow covered with some missed shovelled parts still on the path.  I am thinking of adding a few lights along it possible coloured candles to give it more focus, it should also make it feel warmer and more enchanting.

I still haven't made a single specular map yet for this, that's on my list i also need to look into the lighting from the window, the Christmas wreath and a few other things that i am not to happy with.  

I have yet to decide upon which angle, however that is the beauty of modelling it I have the option to render it out at any angle to get the best looking christmasy feel :)  

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